Advanced Cyber Threats: Your HR and IT Superpowers

Categories: Cyber, HR & Employment Law | by Wilson Lee

About the Webinar

What if your superpower could be helping to prevent the most advanced cyber threats from impacting your organization? In this webinar, learn how to effectively train employees to avoid social engineering attacks, how IT can address advanced

Know Your Buzzwords: Management Liability Carriers

Categories: HR & Employment Law | by admin

Managing a company can be incredibly rewarding, but it comes with extreme responsibility – and with responsibility comes potential risk. This is where management liability carriers come in to help their policyholders manage this potential risk.  Making a mistake, even …

Deep Dive: Drugs, Alcohol, and Other Workplace Vices

Categories: HR & Employment Law | by Wilson Lee

About the Webinar

This webinar addresses the variety of different scenarios and laws involving workplace vices including drug addiction, alcoholism, smoke breaks, legalized marijuana, and what employers need to know to avoid the unnecessary threat of an EPL claim.