SSA won’t pump up the jam in 2016

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Employers now have one less thing to do when it comes to prepping their payroll for 2016 – the Social Security Administration recently announced there will be no increase in monthly Social Security benefits next year.

How Social Security adjustments

Horrible Bosses: A broken promise

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A horrible boss, as the eponymous movie showed us, can be horrible for many reasons. She can knock you out in the dental chair and take compromising pictures, he may be an apathetic cocaine addict or he just might be a …

Bueller? Bueller? D.C. gets its own day off

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The Washington, D.C. Council is currently considering a 16-week paid leave policy. The policy, which will likely be celebrated by many D.C. residents could create confusion for employers based in the area, and in Maryland and Virginia. So, what's the …

Deep Dives: Hidden Sources of Discrimination

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About the Webinar

Most employees are aware of the more obvious forms of workplace discrimination based on such protected categories as race, gender and disability. However, when it comes to an employee’s age, religion and national origin, these three protected