Is your workplace marijuana policy too hazy? [Video]

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While U.S. states continue to legalize marijuana left and right, employers want to know if workplace productivity will suffer from a contact high without stricter policies. How can businesses respect and protect their workers while keeping herb out of …

Deep Dive: 2016 – The Rise of the Employment Laws

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About the Webinar

In 2016, there has been a notable push for increased employee protections – thanks to a steady influx of new employment rules and legislative proposals impacting American workplaces. Now, more than ever, employers are faced with a

The keys to maintaining millennial retention [Video]

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Millennials are changing jobs more often than James Franco changes projects.

The student slash artist slash actor slash writer slash director has found himself wearing many different hats over the years.

Millennials certainly understand that desire for variety. The …

The CFO as the soothsayer [Video]

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You know the old gypsy who predicted you would win the Powerball, right before you failed to win the Powerball?

Well, if you’re an insurance CFO you might want to take notes from her and read some “Soothsaying for Dummies.” …