The CFO as the soothsayer [Video]

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You know the old gypsy who predicted you would win the Powerball, right before you failed to win the Powerball?

Well, if you’re an insurance CFO you might want to take notes from her and read some “Soothsaying for Dummies.” …

For INA violations, DOJ set to cast a wider net

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The penalties for hiring noncompliance – such as document abuse and improper Form I-9 completion – can add up to millions of dollars. Now, the government is likely to hand these fines down more frequently.

The language guiding immigrant hiring …

Big data disparity is no small thing

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Big Ben, Biggie Smalls, “Big Fish,” Tom Hanks in “Big” – big things tend to draw big audiences, and the trend toward big data further proves this theory.

Employers are buying into analytics, and for good reason, but those who …