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About the Webinar

On July 9, 2000, a group of insurance workers was awarded one of the nation’s largest jury awards for a wage and hour violation. The jury verdict awarded the workers $90 million against their employer for misclassifying them as “exempt” employees. At that time, a jury verdict awarding nearly triple-digit damages against a single employer for a wage and hour violation shocked employers across all industries. Thirteen years later, wage and hour claims continue to be one of the fastest growing areas in employment litigation as well as one of the most expensive types of claims to defend. The potential for significant monetary judgments and settlements has no doubt been the driving force for more lawsuits in the wage and hour arena. In addition, governmental agencies such as the IRS and the Department of Labor continue to dedicate more resources to targeting employers who violate wage and hour regulations. Consequently, it is essential that employers closely scrutinize their wage and hour practices and routinely implement internal audits to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws.

This webinar addresses the top ten wage and hour pitfalls to avoid in your organization. This webinar also provides practical guidance and tools that can be implemented immediately to minimize your organization’s risk of getting sued for wage and hour violations or audited by a governmental agency.


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