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About the Webinar

Starting a family business can be a tough choice to make, and managing one can be difficult too. But, often the risk is worth the reward. This webinar will review facts about family-run businesses in the US, including succession planning, management, relationships and the economy. Often, it can be difficult managing family members in the workplace, but it’s important to treat both family and non-familial members the same as it relates to policies, procedures, reviews, wages, etc. We’ll review different types of family business, along with generational issues that may come into play in the workplace. Managing a workforce of different generations can be difficult in itself, but there’s even more to consider when you manage a family run business of different generations. Sets of skills are different, as our knowledge bases, so it’s important to consider generational tendencies for both familial and non-familial employees. Finally, we’ll close out with some pros and cons to running a family business and general HR practices that you should pay particularly close attention to.

What you will learn:

  • Succession Planning
  • Managing Family and Non-Family Members
  • Policies, Procedures, Reviews
  • Generational Issues
  • Pros and Cons to Running a Family Business
  • Overview of Important General HR Practices


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