Downward trends in income? Stressed premium values? And, expenses are up? You’re not alone. Generational shifts in the insurance buyer combined with an increasingly competitive market are causing insurance entities to struggle to remain profitable.

But, insurance entities that want to change the fundamental dynamics of profitability are joining the client-centric movement by embracing engagement tactics, leveraging proprietary analytics, strengthening their outreach, and creating brand loyalty to combat the commoditized nature of insurance.

What do they get when they make the shift? They improve and strengthen relationships with their clients and sales/distribution team or partners, and positively affect their bottom line by increasing retention, differentiating, cross-selling, and winning more business. Ultimately, making the 180-degree shift in profitability.



Focus on your business while a team of professionals sets the course to navigate the continuous changes in HR, Employment Law, ERISA Health Care and ERISA Retirement.


It’s all about the bottom line. Minimize risk, maintain compliance, reduce expenses and generate profitable growth through personalized solutions.


Stay at the forefront of HR, Employment Law, ERISA Health Care and ERISA Retirement changes and get up-to-date on rulings and laws.

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Profitability in today’s market really is possible if you’re using risk management tools that actually work.


When your members are looking for more value, you want to satisfy their needs. And, properly used risk management tools can help both you and your members.


Members are often asking for more value, and strengthened engagement tactics can help you provide just what they’re looking for.


Market differentiators are hard to come by in a sea of sameness, but you can provide meaningful engagement for your employer group clients.


With today’s market uncertainty, true differentiators are often hard to come by, but it’s possible to better engage your clients and distribution partners.

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“I love that we have this in place, this is fantastic! I see this whole list of issue categories, so it’s almost like an FAQ to start which is excellent. The latest [Podcast] is ‘Can you ask for a waiver for workers’ compensation claims?’ That is cool. I will definitely have to take advantage of that. I love this stuff, because it just makes life a whole lot easier! Awesome! What a cool service.”


“This is amazing and I am quite speechless. For me this is really very helpful, because my background is not in HR. My background is in administration and finance. So figuring out the HR component of a small business start-up has been difficult. It has been very helpful to have something like this available to me where I can go through the website at my own pace. In addition, I appreciate what the service has to offer since I do not always have to go directly to our own attorneys because, as you may know, that can be quite costly.” ”


“This site has been absolutely beneficial and helpful. I use the updates and alerts on a weekly basis to plan ahead or see if we need to update anything. I’ve also used the attorney advice to check things and make sure we have all our ducks in a row, so to speak. And I have definitely been able to use the advice they’ve given. Having access to this absolutely makes us more likely to stay with my insurance provider.” ”