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Today’s labor trends indicate that workers continue to quit jobs at a high rate but generally leave one job for a better opportunity. During the Great Reshuffle, crucial decision factors for employees seeking better jobs generally revolve around better compensation or benefits, workplace flexibility, career development opportunities or the right culture fit.

Here are three tips for managing employees during the Great Reshuffle:

  1. Support Flexible Work Arrangements

Many workers continue to desire flexible work options. Remote or hybrid work will not be feasible for every position or industry. However, employers can still consider how to partner with employees to offer opportunities such as flexible work schedules or expanded paid time off policies.

  1. Focus on Employee Well-being

Research shows that an increasing number of workers desire an employer that invests in their mental health and wellness. Offering options such as mental health resources and wellness programs can help to provide such support. In addition, managers can play a key role in promoting mental health by frequently checking in with employees individually.

  1. Play to Employee Strengths

Managers can consider how to play to each employee’s strengths rather than only working to improve their weaknesses. Allowing employees to focus on abilities in which they excel can help them to thrive and feel that they are assets to the team. In some cases, this strategy may increase productivity and even help with retaining workers.

Employer Takeaway

The right strategies can help employers manage effectively and aid in attracting and retaining employees in today’s competitive labor market.