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Is Employee Engagement one of your priorities?  Consider how your leadership team’s implementation of company culture can make a major difference in overall business performance. According to Gallup, teams that are more engaged in their work are 23% more profitable and 18% more productive.  While high salaries and great benefits are always appreciated by hard working employees, the different aspects of team culture are what will make employees desire to stay with your company and invest in the values of the business as a whole. There is no one size fits all solution to engaging employees in your business, but there are a variety of practices your team can adopt to begin shifting team culture in a positive way. Here are some of our favorite techniques for increasing engagement:


Talk to your team

Finding what works best for your team and determining what they want to see from company leaders is a great place to start when it comes to planning for a successful year. Organizations that are highly successful understand the importance of communicating with all of their employees, not just high level managers and C-Suite executives. You might find that some employees are exceptionally passionate about promoting company culture within the workplace, so give them the opportunity to get more involved in the behind the scenes planning process of it all. Not only does this lighten the load on your leadership staff, but it guarantees that the ideas will be accepted by the team because they are being generated by the team members themselves.


Have your engagement committee plan social hours and set additional time aside for bonding as a group. Putting these events together and scheduling them in advance on your entire team’s calendar will give them a fun activity to look forward to as they plan their work schedule for the upcoming week. Depending on group structure, this could occur either in the workplace if your company is more casual and social, or outside of the workplace if your company is more structured and formal. Another simple yet fun social-based idea for engaging the team is to create a list of all team member birthdays and work anniversaries so that you can celebrate them as they come up throughout the year.


Set up a feedback schedule

To have a productive and winning year, your employees need to know what they can improve on and how to make necessary changes in time for their next project. Establishing a regular schedule for feedback and revisions will ensure that your employees feel secure and confident in their role, because they are being respected and valued by their managers. Critiques allow your team to grow and develop their skills as they continue improving their skills at the start of the new year. Having this set up as a regularly scheduled session will keep your employees engaged and prepared to receive feedback on their performance throughout each project.


Start a mentorship program 

Establishing mentors within your company for new employees is a great way to promote professional development and leadership within your team. For professionals who are new to the industry, it is very beneficial to have a more experienced employee to help guide them through their first few projects with the company. Internal mentorship benefits your company because it furthers the development of the next generation of industry leaders and creates unity among team members who would not normally work closely together. You can implement this for existing employees and then continue to use it for incoming employees as new team members are onboarded at the start of the year.