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Employees everywhere are vaxxed and ready to relax for the 2021 / 2022 holiday season. Like most companies throughout the holidays, chances are you want your employees to maintain their passion for the company, but also enjoy their personal lives. Team members should be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as many want to see their loved ones at the end of the year or the beginning of the next.

Offering Employee Bonuses 

Everyone can benefit from some extra spending money during the holiday season and through the end of the fiscal year. If your company has adequate funds to provide your hard-working team members with financial bonuses, they will be greatly appreciated and can ease some of the financial stress that the holidays can bring.

Rewarding employees who have been working especially hard over the last few months is a great way to provide incentives for team members who go above and beyond to make your business a success. If you are having trouble scheduling employees during the holidays due to various time-off requests, this is also a great way to incentivize picking up shifts that are less desirable.

Building Community Culture

Holiday incentives that build community and strengthen company culture are another way to keep employees engaged during the holiday season. For example, if your company culture is centered around people and family, you will want to offer benefits to your employees that support those values. These will be greatly appreciated by all your employees, regardless of which holidays they celebrate.

Don’t forget about employee family and friends, because chances are they would appreciate some holiday benefits as well. One of the most popular benefits you can offer is in the area of travel, as transportation tends to get much more expensive near the holidays. Offering team members discounts or travel deals to use with their loved ones is a versatile way to positively reward them and support their personal lives. When in doubt, research what similar companies are offering their employees, and have your HR team look into the ways you can build up company culture and community near the holidays.

Being Flexible

Understand that employees may be stressed or under pressure during this time for a variety of reasons. Whether it has to do with family, travel, or event planning, they could be experiencing abnormal amounts of stress in their personal lives. And for some, the holidays may have a negative connotation and this may not be an enjoyable time for them.

Being flexible and understanding with your team members will give them one less thing to worry about and will make them appreciate their workplace’s leadership team for valuing them as a person and not just an employee. This can be demonstrated through flexible time off where possible, offering employee assistance programs (EAPs) that can support your teams’ mental health, and simply by communicating and checking in with your team to see if deadlines need to be moved or tasks shifted.