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The holiday season often means an abundance of cheer, decorations and…hackers. Keep your organization protected by keeping some holiday cyber security tips in mind this holiday season!

With all the holiday shopping, and potentially distracted employees, it’s easy for your staff to let their guards down. And, with many employees still working remotely, your employees may find themselves making a holiday purchase on a company device, or at the very least, on the same device in which they complete work assignments – potentially leaving your organization exposed.

Here are some holiday cyber security tips to keep in mind this season:

  1. Have a policy regarding company owned / organization owned devices: Make sure your organization has a policy regarding company property. This can include property damage to devices, but may also note that computers, cellphones, etc. are intended for business use only. Limited personal use may be allowed, but should certainly be an exception.
  2. Develop cyber security solutions for remote workers: With the pandemic, many employees are still working remotely, and likely will well beyond the holiday season. Educate your employees, regulate the use of personal devices, and communicate often with employees.
  3. Treat links, attachments and email from unknown senders with caution. If a link looks suspicious, it probably is. If you receive an email from an unknown sender, it may be fraudulent. Be sure your team is aware of how to spot potential phishing attacks. And, consider using phishing simulation to train your staff!
  4. Learn how to spot a ransomware attack: Ransomware is an attack that should be taken seriously. With training, preparation, careful planning and vigilance, your organization can increase your chances of surviving a ransomware attack.
  5. Be mindful if/when providing electronic gifts: With the need to socially distance, many organizations are forgoing the holiday party and showing employees appreciation through gift cards and meaningful experiences. Gift cards can always be send via mail, but if you’re thinking about sending these electronically, be sure to let your employees know when they’ll receive a gift, what it is, and where it’s coming from! That way, they’ll be able to discern between a real appreciation gift and a potential attack.

The holidays are often hectic – don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season distract you from potential cyber attacks. Keep these holiday cyber security tips in mind to protect your employees and your organization.