Third Party Administrators

Is market uncertainty constantly nagging at you? Does the void between your clients and distribution partners reduce the true value you can deliver? In today’s volatile marketplace, competition is increasing and while all revenue opportunities are shifting and shrinking. Rates are rising as a result, and that can cause key clients to shop around at renewal time. On top of that, true market differentiators are hard to come by.

But, what if you could remove yourself from the commodity discussion? What if you could reduce the amount of time your team spends addressing ACA, ERISA and other compliance questions for your clients? If you could better service your clients and brokers through technology, compliance expertise and meaningful content, it could certainly help.

While your service levels may be high, are you truly client-centric? By providing impactful solutions that are meaningful to your employer clients, as well as their benefit and HR stakeholders, you can deliver measurable value that will increase retention as well as provide greater cross-sell opportunity. And, with solutions that help your brokers, you can strengthen their loyalty too, which leads to new business opportunities for you. The shrinking marketplace coupled with the myriad of ACA, ERISA and HR challenges, suddenly isn’t so daunting.

Make your move to escape the squeeze today by contacting Enquiron to learn more.

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