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Organizational culture has a direct impact on the efficiency of employees. When working in a high-stress environment employees are subject to exhibiting lower levels of engagement which often results in less productivity and a higher degree of absenteeism. How can your organization combat placing excessive pressure on employees?


Hire smarter

Inadequate staffing is the biggest cause of stress in the workplace. In a study of over 22,000 employees across twelve countries including the United Kingdom and the United States, more than half of employees cited not having enough coworkers to balance the workload as their source of stress. Organizations can combat this by proactively testing employee attitudes towards their roles and seeing where individuals among certain divisions within the company are reporting lower levels of job satisfaction. When employees are unhappy, it is important to quickly and efficiently determine the cause. Ensure that employees are getting the support that they need to fulfill their duties.


Determine What Your Employees Value

Research suggests that 30% of employees in the United States reported experiencing high-stress levels caused by their respective workplaces. A lack of work-life balance was another indicator that tested strongly among individuals across the twelve countries in the study. Aim to adopt beneficial work-life balance practices to elevate and empower your employees. Start by assessing what your employees value. Is it better access to childcare? Flexible working arrangements? An improved absence or vacation policy? When employees are put to a vote you will see common trends. It’s even as simple as sending out an anonymous survey and asking for feedback and suggestions. Determine how your organization can readjust and change to meet employee demands and, in turn, reduce turnover.


Keep Employees Focused and Engaged

Hold monthly all-hands meetings to align employees with departmental visions and include them in organizational goals. Encourage employees who are actively making an effort to reach your discussed objectives. This way, they can feel involved in their contributions and will likely experience raised level of engagement and productivity. 


By implementing these tips, your organization will be empowered to reach new heights through attracting and retaining quality employees! For more guidance on setting up your organization for success, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.