WCAG Principles 3 & 4: Making the Web Understandable & Robust

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About the Webinar

Building on the previous webinar, “Another Exploration in WCAG: The Operable Principle”, this webinar will focus on the last two principles in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The understandable and robust principles

Cybersecurity and the Individual

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If you think your company is immune to cybersecurity threats, think again. Even the most vigilant companies can have flaws in their security that they fail to discover until it becomes an emergency. Take Apple for example, who recently had …

Losing Sleep over D&O Risk?

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There has been increased unpredictability in the news lately with recent cybersecurity attacks giving hackers access to sensitive data and information, causing concern for many major U.S. businesses. This, along with the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused the most uncertainty

A Deep Dive into WCAG: The Perceivable Principle

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About the Webinar

Building on the previous webinar, Accessibility 101, this presentation will focus on the Perceivable principle that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are based on. Specifically, webinar attendees will be guided through the Guidelines and Success Criteria that

5 Cyber Security Tools Your Business Should Be Using

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Cyber security is of paramount importance in this day and age. With cyber attacks on the rise, your business needs to protect itself from this growing threat. Utilize some of the following cyber security tools to keep your business safe.…