Revolution in the Boardroom

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While money can’t buy happiness, employees tend to be more satisfied when they are treated as equals in the workplace. When employees are happier and healthier, they are able to produce their best work, which ultimately leads to higher profits …

Cybersecurity and the Individual

Categories: Cyber, HR & Employment Law | by Nicole Lopes

If you think your company is immune to cybersecurity threats, think again. Even the most vigilant companies can have flaws in their security that they fail to discover until it becomes an emergency. Take Apple for example, who recently had …

Employee Harassment: Liability Risks and Prevention

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Employee claims of harassment and discrimination can create significant liability risks for employers under federal and state law. Federal and state protections for employees are continuing to evolve and impose additional compliance obligations on employers.

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Remote Work: Top 10 Employment Law Implications

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Remote work is more prevalent than ever, particularly as COVID-19 challenges continue. Many employers face sticky situations pertaining to wage and hour issues, harassment and discrimination, performance management, and other policy and compliance considerations when it comes