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In the wake of the Great Reshuffle—the mass movement of workers to jobs that prioritize their needs—and macro trends like the tight labor market, attraction and retention are top-of-mind concerns for employers. As a result, many employers are expanding and enhancing their benefits offerings to remain or become more desirable to employees.

Here are some benefits that may be advantageous to attraction and retention efforts:


Easy access to health care is very important to employees. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people turned to telemedicine, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Especially as health concerns surrounding COVID-19 linger, it’s essential that employers ensure employees can access health care services in ways that are convenient for them. Otherwise, workers may seek out employers who offer such benefits.

Student Loan Assistance

Student debt is a growing issue among newer members of the workforce, such as Generation Z, and these employees are looking for help mitigating it. Some employers are introducing repayment assistance; many companies that already offer this benefit are increasing contributions and expanding eligibility.

Career Development Opportunities

If employees feel they are unable to advance their professional development within their current roles, they may be likely to seek out new ones. Thus, many employers are now offering more learning and development initiatives and upskilling opportunities.

Employer Takeaway

There are various benefits employers can offer to attract and retain workers. These benefits highlight just a few trending perks—others that have become more popular during the pandemic include flexible work options, such as remote and hybrid work, and competitive compensation.