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Human Capital Management (HCM), HR, Payroll and PEO solution providers that want to take their business model to the next level are focused on increasing market differentiation to generate a new and recurring revenue stream, as well as increasing customer engagement, retention and improving customer experience. On top of that, its missions critical to more effectively uncover customer behavior in order to gain product intelligence, pinpoint emerging trends, and develop key software features. It starts with actionable data; the useful kind that helps you pinpoint new software features and products proactively. All of which, continues the path to an improved sales channel effectiveness and increased revenues.

One key bottom line stakeholder expectation is compliance. By providing a custom solution to your customers which solves key employer business challenges surrounding DOL, EEOC and ACA compliance, you can truly differentiate yourself in a commoditized market and create deeper loyalty within many facets of your customer base – from the Owner to the CEO and CFO to the HR and Payroll Manager to the Benefits Manager.

Your customers have questions.

We provide Human Capital Management (HCM), HR, Payroll and PEO solution providers with the answers and actionable guidance to help make sure your customers avoid costly litigation and government fines. The struggle suddenly isn’t so real when you work with Enquiron.



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"Do you know how much you’ve just made my day? I’ve been in HR for about 20 years- this is incredible! I’m so excited to use this [solution]. I know it’s really going to help this organization a lot!"


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