Health Plans, TPAs and Stop Loss Carriers

Are you struggling to provide meaningful engagement over the life of a policy?

Plagued with the issue of employer group retention and higher rates? You’re likely in search of a market differentiator to avoid being part of the commodity discussion in the sea of sameness.

You can provide meaningful engagement for your employer groups by delivering valuable services outside the normal course of processing claims and discussing rates. By providing impactful solutions that are truly beneficial to your employer clients, as well as their benefit and HR stakeholders, you can deliver measurable value that will increase retention as well as provide greater cross-sell opportunity.

And, with solutions that help your brokers, you can strengthen their loyalty too, which leads to new business opportunities for you. Cash in on those benefits by contacting Enquiron.


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"Enquiron hits the mark. Our clients benefit from various HR, ACA and healthcare options and services available on a broad basis as well as those with a direct approach available on a one-on-one basis. They really help separate our company from the competition."



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Customer retention is vital to long-term profitability and growth, and retaining customers is a difficult challenge in competitive markets.

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The insurance market is competitive. Winning is harder than ever. Differentiation and profitability are possible.

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Now is the time to seize the opportunity to help eliminate the chaos and standout as a valued partner in a highly competitive marketplace.