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Customer Experience, Data Analytics And Differentiation: The Struggle Is Real For HR, Payroll And HCM Software Providers

Customer satisfaction top of mind? Struggling to pinpoint new market trends? Focused on making sure you sell more business? You’re not the only one. Solution providers are striving to maintain customer satisfaction while simultaneously keeping their team focused on top line growth while meeting bottom line stakeholder expectations.

Solution providers that want to take their business model to the next level are focused on uncovering customer behavior in order to gain product intelligence, pinpoint emerging trends, create sales differentiation and develop key software features. All of which, continues the path to an improved customer experience and sales channel effectiveness.

One key bottom line stakeholder expectation is compliance. By providing a custom solution that solves key employer business challenges surrounding DOL, EEOC and ACA compliance, you can truly differentiate yourself in a commoditized market and create deeper loyalty within many facets of your customer base – from the Owner or CFO to the HR and Office Manager to the Benefits Manager.

What else is in it for you? Improved Customer Experience. Effective Sales Growth. And Actionable Data; the useful kind that helps you pinpoint new software features and products proactively. Reduce the time your team spends answering customer compliance questions and increase the effectiveness of your sales channel execution. And, all the while, you’ll improve retention, new business and cross-sell efforts. The struggle suddenly isn’t so real.



Focus on your business while a team of professionals sets the course to navigate the continuous changes in HR, Employment Law, ERISA Health Care and ERISA Retirement.


It’s all about the bottom line. Minimize risk, maintain compliance, reduce expenses and generate profitable growth through personalized solutions.


Stay at the forefront of HR, Employment Law, ERISA Health Care and ERISA Retirement changes and get up-to-date on rulings and laws.

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“This is amazing and I am quite speechless. For me this is really very helpful, because my background is not in HR. My background is in administration and finance. So figuring out the HR component of a small business start-up has been difficult. It has been very helpful to have something like this available to me where I can go through the website at my own pace. In addition, I appreciate what the service has to offer since I do not always have to go directly to our own attorneys because, as you may know, that can be quite costly.” ”


“I am excited to have such a fantastic service!  Having access to attorneys by just sending an email or calling in is so convenient.  It’s wonderful to have a way to contact professionals who can give appropriate advice. The website not only has a broad amount of knowledge, but accurate knowledge.”


“The HELPLINE website is very helpful and I find it easy to navigate. I particularly like the online training. I think it’s great that the training is at no cost for all employees. I also like being able to print out the posters I need at any time. I do not have to buy them anymore! Another great resource is the email containing the Questions of the Month and Alerts. I enjoy reading them and always find them helpful. I would recommend this service to other employers.”