Insurance Pools, Programs, Risk Retention Groups and Co-ops

Are your members asking for more?

More value? More vendor resources? Easier access to your services? Specific guidance? Your members want more, but you can’t do it yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to hold your members accountable to their peers, while simultaneously driving up perceived value and driving down the cost of EPL claims? Seems pretty great, doesn’t it?

Well, turns out, you can complement your risk manager by investing in proper risk management tools that actually work. If you do that, you’ll be able to reduce EPL claims, see an increase in engagement, and witness a positive effect on your brand – tying you closer to your members. Everyone leaves happy. Start the happiness trend today by contacting Enquiron.

"Our company’s staff and membership alike rely heavily on the services which Enquiron offers, particularly the Helpline. Our partnership with Enquiron provides added value that assists our clientele with their daily operations, reduces claims, and ultimately leads to client retention within our company. The level of care we receive from Enquiron as their direct customer is always prompt and outstanding. We look forward to continuing our engagement with Enquiron as we discover even more ways our members can benefit from the many tools and resources offered through the website."



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It is vital to enable customers to actively participate in their own risk mitigation. Enquiron can help.

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The insurance market is competitive. Winning is harder than ever. Differentiation and profitability are possible.

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Increase member engagement and start reducing claims. Don’t settle for anything less.