Management Liability Insurance

You want to provide A Management Liability Suite of coverages to your clients, INCLUDING EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY, FIDUCIARY, DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS AND CYBER. Why not partner with a provider that addresses all of those needs for your clients?

Are you providing risk management tools that actually work? Do they address client needs? The simplicity of a single provider, one that has real proven risk management value, to aid clients could be a game changer – one that makes you more profitable.

Claims are hitting your books, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to generate profitable revenue.

But what if there were a way to become more profitable and reduce the cost of EPL, fiduciary, D&O and cyber-related claims without spending more money or spreading your executive time too thin? Now, it’s a common assumption that risk management tools don’t work. But here’s a little secret: they do, and they can help reduce the cost and severity of claims, too.

With that, you get what you pay for and as is the age old saying: nothing is free. If you invest in proper risk management tools that actually work, you’ll be able to reduce claims costs, increase client and distribution engagement tying you closer to your networks, develop an improved cross-sell strategy, generate more new business and even increase retention. So, is it really so impossible after all? Make the impossible possible today by contacting Enquiron.

Don’t Commoditize Engagement, Monetize Engagement!TM

"When I think of Enquiron, I think of true partner. It sounds cliché, but when we need Enquiron they are always there. Whether it is a client meeting, helping an insured through a specific issue, developing new training or supporting any our initiatives in the community, they have always been a dependable partner. The employment liability and HR landscape is as complex as it has ever been and we feel confident knowing that our custom solutions are powered by Enquiron to give our insureds the tools necessary to navigate these times."



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