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Are your members asking for more value? How will you provide it? Try this: Don’t Commoditize Engagement, Monetize Engagement!tM Provide more resources.

If you are providing risk management or compliance services, are your members even using them? What if there was a mutually beneficial way to help both you and your members? Perhaps a way to engage them more, bring them more value, to bring you higher retention, and a reduction in the cost of claims. Well, here’s a little secret: there is.

You can increase retention rates, increase member satisfaction, and decrease claims through properly used risk management tools that continuously engage your members by offering them advice, resources and solutions that meet their needs. After all, risk management tools need to be used in order to bring value.

When they are, you’ll see a strengthened cross-sell strategy, a new ability to reduce claims costs, predictive data analytics to ensure you’re ahead of the curb and an improved brand reputation; all while engaging more members and improving their overall experience which can lead to deeper loyalty – positively affecting retention. It doesn’t seem so difficult after all. Start bringing the value today by contacting Enquiron.

Don’t Commoditize Engagement, Monetize Engagement!tM

"Our relationship with Enquiron has spanned over four years. They understand that providing value to their clients comes from having quality employees who are responsive, caring, competent and willing to meet or exceed customer expectations. They are a forward-looking company that focuses on providing professional content and resources. "



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Customer retention is vital to long-term profitability and growth, and retaining customers is a difficult challenge in competitive markets.

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The insurance market is competitive. Winning is harder than ever. Differentiation and profitability are possible.

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Don’t settle for average - for any of your stakeholders. Provide something outstanding to your members and you’ll see equally outstanding results.