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BOSTON, MA. AND DENVER, CO. (03/12/2020) – Enquiron® and Blind Institute of Technology (BIT), today announced a partnership to place motivated, qualified professionals from the disabled community in open Enquiron positions. The partnership will also provide Enquiron clients with exposure and access to this diverse workforce to help broaden the definition of diversity and inclusion in their workplaces as well.

“We are truly honored to partner with Enquiron,” said Mike Hess, Founder and Executive Director of Blind Institute of Technology. “Enquiron is a true leader, actively recruiting from the people with disabilities community.”

As two pioneers in their respective industries, Enquiron and BIT bring together a wide variety of talent, technology, content, resources, tools and subject matter expertise to help organizations manage their compliance needs, while simultaneously creating more inclusive and diverse workforces. For over 24 years, Enquiron has been dedicated to helping employers remain compliant and make the best decisions for their organization. BIT is committed to helping these organizations be successful by creating a world in which people with disabilities have the same employment opportunities as their peers.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with BIT,” said Mike Naclerio, President and CEO of Enquiron. “For Enquiron, BIT’s services are an important component to furthering our core values and diversity and inclusion goals. And for Enquiron’s clients, BIT will serve as an essential knowledge base enabling our clients to expand both their diversity and inclusion visions and physical workplace accessibility. BIT will even help our clients staff their workforces with an incredible talent pool of individuals with disabilities – we encourage all our clients to contact BIT for their next employee recruitment.”

Blind Institute of Technology™,, is an organization with boots on the ground in the Denver metro area working hard to advance the professional opportunities for people with disabilities nationwide. We are a small, passionate team with a dynamic blend of backgrounds, disabilities, experiences, and motivations, doing whatever we can to get the job done. Our message is that professionals with disabilities possess skills and abilities that corporations have overlooked or have yet to discover. Our strategy is to go directly to the C-suites of corporate America to provide a guiding hand into a successful diverse and inclusive culture. Our end goal is always employment. We treasure the moments when someone gets or gives the good news, “You’re Hired!” We work for the day when employment opportunities are truly equal for people with disabilities. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Enquiron,, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, provides consultative business solutions to employers in all 50 states, across various industries, sectors and sizes. Since 1996, Enquiron has revolutionized the way that services impacting Human Resources, Employment Law, Healthcare, Retirement, Cyber Security and more are delivered to and utilized by employers. Enquiron has locations across the United States and is a trusted partner to organizations who need specific answers to specific questions. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.