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[Broomfield, CO] – January 25, 2018

Introspective Networks has launched new innovative communications technology to provide highly secure communication transmission services to virtually any organization.

Introspective Networks brings a powerful and unique solution for securing highly confidential information that it is transmitted over any network. SmokeConfidential and SmokeVPN create an environment that secures data beyond today’s industry standard methodologies by proactively applying Moving Target Defense. The approach hides sensitive data as it is transmitted and obscures endpoints thus creating a closed, “zero trust” network. The technology relieves customers of performing multiple security procedures within their communications environment and simplifies office-to-office and employee-to employee communications.

Additionally, Introspective Networks has entered into a partnership agreement with Enquiron®, a leader in business-critical professional services and consulting, to offer its secure communications solutions to cyber solutions clients.

Tony Thompson, Founder and CEO of Introspective Networks, says, “Introspective Networks is bringing technology to the everyday organization that was previously out of reach from an understanding and pricing perspective. We look forward to working with Enquiron to offer the solution to their clients. Offering Introspective Networks Smoke solutions further shows that Enquiron truly cares about their clients and wants to help them maintain the security and privacy of their information.”

Introspective’s Smoke capabilities include:

SmokeConfidential – Messaging, file transfer, audio, and video for mobile devices and browsers.

SmokeVPN – Overall system communications for office environments.
– Two hardware solutions, SG2A and SG4A
– Software clients for enterprise servers running Linux (ex. Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

“Introspective Networks brings an innovative and differentiating technology to the cyber solutions world. Introspective Networks’ Smoke solutions protect information from being intercepted and stored by third parties, which can then be decrypted at a later date or used to attack our customer networks via commonly used hacking approaches.” said Mike Naclerio, CEO and President of Enquiron.

About Enquiron®

Enquiron,, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, provides consultative business solutions to employers in all 50 states, across various industries, sectors and sizes. Since 1996, Enquiron has revolutionized the way that services impacting HR, Employment Law, Healthcare, Retirement, Cyber and more are delivered to and utilized by employers. Enquiron has locations across the United States and is a trusted partner to organizations who need specific answers to specific questions.

About Introspective Networks

Introspective Networks is a cybersecurity company that provides proactive solutions to protect data communications and IoT device control. Combining moving target defense (MTD), streaming encryption, out-of-band, and port masking technologies, our solutions prevent data interception, data injection, and network attacks. Introspective Networks’ Smoke line of secure products provide protection for communications, file transfers, secure connections, and entire networks for any commercial or government organization seeking powerful, nextgen network security for public, shared or private networking. Learn more at