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[Washington, DC] – November 2, 2017

Ullico Casualty Group LLC, a subsidiary of Ullico Inc., today announced that it has expanded into a new frontier of fiduciary risk management solutions. Partnering with Enquiron, Ullico Casualty Group’s Fiduciary Liability Policyholders will receive complimentary access to loss control services through Ullico Resource Center for Organized Labor.

“We have seen the value in the risk management services provided to our Union Liability policyholders through Ullico Resource Center, powered by Enquiron. We are excited to expand these services to our Fiduciary Liability policyholders,” said Tina Fletcher, President of Ullico Casualty Group. “Our customers often do not have dedicated positions to help with critical areas of concern in running their funds and unions. Ullico Resource Center provides the solutions for employment practice assistance and now fiduciary assistance, at no extra cost to our Professional Liability policyholders so they may continue to focus on their important missions.”

Each policyholder of Ullico Casualty Group’s Fiduciary Liability program will have instant access to the solution with unlimited access to fiduciary content, tools and pre-claim advice in addition to award-winning employment law content, including articles, guides, HR resources, tools to easily build an employee handbook, online staff training, and more.

“By adding the services for their Fiduciary policyholders, Ullico Casualty Group provides a unique and first to market solution for Fiduciary risk management. We could not be more excited to see Ullico Casualty Group’s growth and their continued focus to provide best in class solutions for their clients. Ullico Resource Center for Organized Labor is a custom solution for Ullico’s Fiduciary Liability Insureds. Enquiron will continue to engage Ullico clients so they can experience the value-added services Ullico is generously providing,” said Mike Naclerio, CEO and President of Enquiron.

About Ullico

The Ullico Inc. family of companies provides insurance and investment solutions for labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors and union members. Founded 90 years ago, the company takes a proactive approach to anticipating labor’s needs, developing innovative financial and risk solutions and delivering value to our clients. Our products are tailored to promote financial security and stability for American workers.

The Ullico Inc. family of companies includes The Union Labor Life Insurance Company; Ullico Casualty Group, LLC.; Ullico Investment Company, LLC.; and Ullico Investment Advisors, Inc. For additional information, visit

About Enquiron

Enquiron,, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, provides consultative business solutions to employers in all 50 states, across various industries, sectors and sizes. Since 1996, Enquiron has revolutionized the way that services impacting HR, Employment Law, Health Care, Retirement and more are delivered to and utilized by employers. Enquiron has locations across the United States and is a trusted partner to organizations who need specific answers to specific questions.