Workers' Compensation Insurance

Differentiation seems impossible and ROI can be hard to prove with rising costs and expenses.

You can create differentiation and strategically engage with your clients while you reduce workers compensation claims.

Market pressures? Concerns with client growth and retention? You need a solution beyond loss control to help throughout the employee lifecycle, from hello to goodbye.

From recruiting and hiring to point of injury to return to work to termination, workers compensation claims costs can skyrocket when employers are not prepared. You can help solve these issues, set yourself apart from the competition and experience greater growth through reduced costs as you create meaningful engagement opportunities with your clients.

By providing valuable solutions that benefit your clients, including their key stakeholders, you can deliver measurable value that will increase retention and reduce workers compensation claims costs – helping you and your clients. Get measurable ROI and more client engagement by contacting Enquiron.

"It appears Enquiron enabled us to overcome a significant price differential and renew a good account. In this economy, you really have to show value to get a buyer to accept the higher quote for statutory coverage like WC. We were able to save this renewal even though our quote was higher than the competition. The account was offered Enquiron. Thank you for your additional help on this account. I am happy to say that the insured has made the decision to renew with us. The insured understood the benefits of renewing with us. This is the 2nd account bound with Enquiron. This was our renewal, and the broker asked for quotes in other markets due to the rate increase. A competitor had the best pricing, however the policyholder chose us due to the Enquiron now being available. It is a $192,000 policy."


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